Benjamin Coleman


Hi, I’m Benjamin. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and an avid cyclist. I started racing cross-country mountain bikes in 2017 and really enjoyed it, so for this year I’m planning on going heavy on the XC MTB racing during the summer. I’ll mostly be concentrating on the Mid-Atlantic Super Series races in the PA/NJ area, but I’m making plans to head to New England for a few of the Bubba Burger Trophy Series (formerly Kenda Cup East) races too, so I’m looking forward to experiencing that area of the country for the first time. I’ll still be racing cyclocross in the fall this year as well, although maybe not as many as the 15+ races I’ve done the last few CX seasons.

My goals for 2020 are based around getting back the motivation and fitness I had in 2017. The last two years were definitely not my best, but I'm excited to work towards returning to a higher level of mental and physical performance I know I'm capable of, and having Fluid in my corner is going to be a huge help!

Favorite Flavor: My favorite flavor right now has to be the Chocolate Mint Recovery, although the new Spiced Chocolate Protein may change that!

A Quote That Fires You Up: "Smile, there's teeth behind those lips" -Amanda Batty