Duane Mann


I raced outdoor motocross for around 15 years achieving success with 7 Top Texan tittles, Dunlop Gold cup, Spring championships among many others and the last few years I had Fluid in my corner helping me survive the brutal Texas heat.

4 years ago, I decided to end my career in motocross and start a new one still on 2 wheels but with a different motor my own 2 legs and even though my relationship with Fluid started in motocross I was very pleased that Richard was willing to stand behind me in this new endeavor starting at the bottom. The first didn’t include much racing just a lot of riding, training and getting prepared the second year I started racing as a CAT5 and was able to move up to a CAT4 then half way through my third year my wife was deployed to Afghanistan leaving me to be a single parent and unable to train or race. Now that she has returned safely to me I can once again start training and preparing to race.

2018 will be a rebuilding year for me and even though I will not be able to perform at the level I expect out of myself I will be training hard, attending every rally possible and promoting the product that has gotten me though countless brutal hot days training and racing.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Blueberry Pomegranate.