John Blewis


To continue rebuilding strength and flexibility in my knee after surgery I had in August of 2020.  I will continue to put my faith first before anything else.  Maintain a healthy balance of time with family, time training and work.  Sitting out an entire year without training like your used can really mess with your head if you are not strong mentally.  Knowing when to say no and knowing your limits so you do not risk injury will be another focus this year. 

In remembering my WHY on running in the first place, it was due to me being an athlete as a younger man and then watching my health deteriorate as I aged into my 30’s.  Now in my late 40’s I appreciate just being a healthy person in all areas of my life, not just fitness. I am grateful for having people around me who love me, who encourage me, and who are always my motivation when I am not feeling my best.

I have been so thankful to FLUID for having me as an athlete for over 10 years now.  Every year the team grows, and the stories of the athletes are so different and extremely motivating and inspiring.

Favorite Flavor: My favorites during training sessions are Fresh Citrus Performance and Chocolate Recovery afterwards.

My Song for Tough Training Sessions: Interestingly, I have never trained with music. I just take in nature around me and listen to my breathing and stride strikes. Since I live if Southwest Florida, there is a lot of beauty to take in all year long.