John Blewis


I reside in Fort Myers, FL and have been with FLUID for just about 10 years. Playing sports has saved me from addiction battles I have encountered in my adult life. As a competitive athlete in my earlier years, it taught me how fortunate I was to compete at such a high level. However, the extreme fitness level maintenance became one of my addictions over the years that put a lot of unnecessary strain on me and my family. 

In 2020 and moving forward, I will not be so focused on how I finish races. Instead, I am focusing on how to enjoy racing and the environment around me. Giving back to people, making new friends and sharing FLUID with as people as I can. Oh, and finishing the Chicago Marathon in October. 

I have never been disappointed with the products and live by them when I am running, cycling, playing golf or even the occasional hot day doing yard work in Southwest Florida. 

Favorite Flavor: My FLUID favorites include Fresh Citrus Performance, Chocolate Recovery and of course the incredible gear and people who work with FLUID!