John Blewis


I am John Blewis and I live in Fort Myers, Florida.  I have been with Fluid for over 5 years now.  I have been in the same field of business for over 23 years now, and proud to be the Southwest Florida sales representative for a manufacturing company.

Early in the morning and on the weekends I train to compete in my favorite sport of Duathlon, which is a Run/Bike/Run event.  I have been ranked Nationally all 5 of the 5 years I competed in the sport, and in the top 10 every year for the state of Florida.  I am also a marathon runner and a USA Track and Field Coach.

My goals in 2016 are to move higher into the rankings Nationally (above 75th) in Duathlon and to run under a 3:20 Marathon in the NYC Marathon in November.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus – Recovery Chocolate