Scott Flynn


The year 2019 was filled with adventure. There wasn't much racing but a big move cross-country has taken us from hot and humid Georgia to dry and cold Idaho. After more than a decade of racing which included a full Ironman, multiple half-ironman and tons of Olympic and sprint events, I think the time has come to focus more on coaching athletes and competing more casually. 
Outside of coaching and a more casual approach to training, my goals for 2020 will be to complete a local 50k, complete an Xterra triathlon, and get acclimated to the new mountain-filled area with hiking and camping. As they say, when in Rome!
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Recovery

A Quote That Fires You Up: "Only the disciplined ones are free in life. If you aren't disciplined, you are a slave to your moods. You are a slave to your passions." Eliud Kipchoge