Elliot Feng

Elliot Feng

Feb 26, 2020Richard Smith


I live and work as an engineer in Central California, and have been hooked on triathlons since 2015. Triathlon allows athletes to compete to their limits, yet is one of the most encouraging and genuine communities that I've been a part of. It taught me to value my competitors and the athletic journey over the need to win, and has helped me grow so much as an athlete and person. I just love the pain, the people, and all the experiences that come with it! I plan on someday being the oldest finisher of a full Ironman. 

2023 Goals: Got big life goals for 2023, most importantly spending a few months in Europe to line out my family's future home. So my athletic goals are few but mighty: Morro Bay 70.3 - crush it with a smile on my face; AG Draft legal world champs - podium individually and on the mixed team relay; complete my USAT coaching license and help my athletes chase their dreams.
Favorite Part about Being a Fluid Athlete Being a Fluid athlete means being part of a team that strives to help people succeed. I know that they have my back when I'm on the race course, sitting at my desk, or off exploring. They value people as more than just athletes and are a company that are easy to endorse. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to share them with the people around me.

A song that fires you up: Diamonds - Hawk Nelson (reminds me every second I'm getting stronger), Thunderstruck - AC/DC (race day!)


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