Elliot Feng


I'm Elliot, a mechanical engineer, former NCAA golfer, Sunday school teacher, and general nerd, living in Bakersfield, CA. I fell in love with the sport of triathlon after leaving my front wheel at the Morro Bay Tri in November of 2015, and can't get enough of the people and the sport. Since then I've made the AG World Championships team every year, and love letting the sport take me all over the world! A huge highlight of my 2019 was racing worlds in Switzerland, then traveling and riding through the alps afterward. This year I'm excited to take on Edmonton, then head over to Banff for the first time. You'll also catch me at pretty much every central California race there is because I love to race locally!

Favorite Flavor: Fluid Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla. I drink so much cinnamon vanilla recovery that I don't even need real food (not a nutritionist, not actually recommended).

A Quote that Fires You Up: 

"Has anyone told you that they love you today? Because God and I most certainly do." Nate's Grandma Betty

"That sounds like a terrible idea. What time?"