Ethan Pence

Ethan Pence

Jan 11, 2022Customer Service


I'm a recent graduate of Cal Poly in Civil Engineering and am working towards becoming a licensed Civil Engineer. I grew up around Ultrarunning as my family roots dig deep in the sport. I completed my first ultra when I was maybe 7 years old, competing in a 24-hour race and doing just enough to eclipse the coveted marathon mark. Since, I haven’t stopped – completed numerous ultras, including 10+ 100-milers. 2021 was a great return to racing highlighted with my 4th finish at the Leadville Trail 100, and my completion of the Moab 240 Endurance Run. I recently discovered Fluid and used it as my sole electrolyte replacement drink during Moab. I sipped on it constantly for just over 4 days and had zero stomach issues! I’m excited for my growing calendar of races in 2022, and can’t wait to toe the line again!

Accomplishments from 2021: Moab 240 Endurance Run and my 4th Leadville Trail 100 Run finish.
Goals for 2022: Run all 365 days of 2022, finish the Leadville Trail 100 Run for the 5th time, and do at least 1 other 100-miler.
Favorite Fluid flavor: Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery
A song that fires you up: All Night by Brothers Osborne

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