Melissa Guillen


Melissa lives and trains on the trails near Santa Barbara, California. Her ‘no-quit’ attitude has earned her dozens of ultramarathon finishes, including 12 podium finishes and 4 overall wins. In 2019, Melissa was the Women's Champion at Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.

2023 Goals: Grow a healthy, tiny human while moving as much as possible! Baby G will be arriving in May! Currently looking at Santa Barbara Half Marathon in November as my first race postpartum. 

Favorite Part of Being Fluid Athlete: I love Fluid! It’s a great product that has attracted the best all-around community! I love supporting my fellow Fluid athletes and introducing Fluid products to other runners and athletes.  

Favorite Quote: “Real toughness is acceptance. It’s accepting the difficult thing. It’s accepting that you might fail. It’s accepting that you might struggle or have doubts. And that’s okay.” - Steve Magness