Melissa Guillen


Melissa lives and trains on the trails near Santa Barbara, California. Her ‘no-quit’ attitude has earned her dozens of ultramarathon finishes, including 12 podium finishes and 4 overall wins. In 2019, Melissa was the Women's Champion at Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Accomplishments from 2021: I was able to successfully recover and return to running ultras after surgery on my right hip in late 2020. I ran Lake Sonoma 50 and Barkely Fall Classic while building up to my sixth 100-miler, Javelina Jundred, where I ran 20:28. I also got married in September and ran my first race as Melissa Guillen.
Goals for 2022: After spending most of 2021 recovering from hip surgery, I plan to focus on speed and structured training, requalify for WS100, and return to Javelina Jundred to shave two hours off my 2021 time.
Favorite Fluid flavor: Fresh Citrus Performance and Chocolate Recovery
A song that fires you up: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift