Introducing Fluid Recovery - Vegan Chocolate!

Introducing Fluid Recovery - Vegan Chocolate!

Jul 18, 2022Richard Smith

Sweet Vegan Dreams are Made of These...

Since 2016, Vegan Cinnamon Vanilla Fluid Recovery has been our most popular and best selling Recovery flavor, with the close second favorite being our Chocolate formula with whey protein. 

Fluid Recovery, Vegan Chocolate

Thanks to our fantastic fans and their feedback for a new flavor, Fluid is proud to launch the latest Muscle Mending Post-Workout formula— Vegan Chocolate!!

TASTE YOU CAN TRUST: If you know our existing five Recovery flavors, "It actually tastes good" is something we hear all the time. Vegan Chocolate doesn't disappoint! All you need is 2 scoops, and shake or stir in water until dissolved. For a SUPER bomb, creamier drink, use your preferred milk instead. And, it can be made hot or cold. Try warm water or milk after a cold morning swim - seriously amazing!

RIGHT STUFF FOR RECOVERY: Vegan Chocolate is a delicious 3:1 drink mix fortified with L-glutamine (5000mg/serving), highly digestible Non-GMO pea protein (10g/serving), and a blend of replenishing carbs (30g/serving from 3 sources) to kickstart the recovery process. What's not inside this tasty treat is just as important as what is— No artificial colors or flavors, plus it's free from gluten, dairy, and soy.  

Help your bod recover faster and be stronger for tomorrow. For best results, use Vegan Chocolate within 30 minutes of training or competitive activity. When your muscles receive the right blend of natural ingredients at the right time, there's no workout you can't conquer. 

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