Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

Jan 24, 20182020 Creative

Picture this: it’s 5am, and your alarm clock is screaming some shrill noise that you now associate only with the pure hatred of waking up. Your day is off to a bad start already.

It’s time to change things up. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then morning moments should be just as sacred.

Yet, the beginning of the day is often neglected. Instead, we take time after work when we unwind and give ourselves love in whatever that form may be. For some (most), it’s catching up on Netflix, or sharing a bottle of wine with their significant other, while reclining on the couch for a relaxing end to the day.

There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem though, is that these self-love rituals are almost nonexistent in the morning routine of many. If we gave ourselves the same attention at the beginning of each day as we do at the end, it could result in days of unprecedented happiness and success.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to make your morning rituals more happy, healthy, and beneficial to your day:

  1. Find your rituals – What makes you happiest? Is it reading the next chapter of your newest novel? Or taking a nice hot shower with your favorite music playing? Whatever your happy rituals are, give yourself time to do them.
  2. Wake up gently – Be kind to yourself and ditch those horrible screeching alarms that wake you up aggressively. Instead, opt for a softer alarm sound. Or even better, look into getting a “sunrise alarm clock” that wakes you up naturally with soft dulcet tones and a light pattern that simulates the sunrise. 
  3. Stretch/exercise – You’ve been supine for 7+ hours, so your body will benefit from some gentle stretches to get your muscles ready for the day. Don’t neglect the feet, either (toe yoga for the win). Do some gentle yoga moves to reunite your mind and body, and realize how lucky you are to start a new day. If you have the time, go for a run, a bike ride, or just a brisk walk around the block to get in touch with your physical self (pro tip: endorphins are even better than coffee). 
  4. Take your time – Give yourself time in the morning to relax. Enough of the sprinting out the door with a to-go piece of toast and a coffee that you’ll inevitably spill on your white button up when someone cuts you off in traffic. Make your favorite coffee while you listen to your favorite music, and reflect on all the things in life that you find simple joy in.

Hopefully, by giving yourself some self-love in the morning, you’ll be starting out more relaxed and in a better mood, and you’ll set yourself up for a day of happiness, progress, achievement, and fulfillment.

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