On Mobility

On Mobility

Oct 15, 2017Cody Hanson

Let’s talk mobility. This area of fitness is probably the most underrated method for significantly improving athletic performance. We train extensively, monitor our diet, and focus on sleep, but when it comes to properly stretching and mobilizing our joints, tendons and muscles, we often skim through the activity.

We all know it’s important, but many of us aren’t even sure how to do it right. How should we stretch? And when? What are the best movements? You may have seen Rich’s “Mobility Monday” videos (Rich has always been a champion of mobility). We’ll be releasing more shortly, so keep an eye out for those in the future.

In the meantime, in the interest of spreading awareness of additional educational tools for improving your health and performance, we’d like to introduce you to Kelly Starrett’s YouTube channel, MobilityWod. Kelly is a Crossfit gym owner in San Francisco and has become known throughout the global fitness world as an excellent resource for ongoing mobility training and knowledge.

Please note that neither Fluid, nor any of our employees or partners, have any affiliation with Kelly or with the Crossfit organization. We just love to share useful resources whenever we find them. Here are a few clips to get you started:

Knees | Hips | Shoulders

-The Fluid Team

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