Pro Tips! Elevation Hydration

Pro Tips! Elevation Hydration

Jun 18, 2024Fluid Sports Nutrition

Riding at high elevation makes your cardiorespiratory system work harder to get enough oxygen to your muscles since there’s less oxygen available. This, in turn, requires more carbohydrates and hydration. Whether you’re tackling a two-hour ride or longer, here’s how to stay on top of your game:
By Porsha Murdock & Carlyn

🚴‍♂️ Hydration
Pre-Ride: Start hydrating the day before with about one liter more fluid than you typically drink--make sure this has sodium added.

Intra-Ride: Aim for roughly 22-25 ounces of fluid per hour. Make sure this has electrolytes to replace the salt lost through sweat.

Post-Ride: Rehydrate with a recovery drink that includes electrolytes, carbs and protein.

🛠️ Products to Use
Day before your ride: Fluid’s ORS packet to provide efficiently absorbed hydration through your GI tract.

Intra-Ride: Two scoops of Fluid Performance in a 24 oz water bottle = 50 gm/carbs and 480 mg/sodium

Post-Ride: Two scoops of Fluid Recovery in water = 10gm/protein + 30gm/carbs perfect for replenishing glycogen stores and repairing muscles.

Fuel right, hydrate well, and enjoy the views up there!

Note: These are generalized tips and everyone’s needs are individualized. It’s important to tailor your nutrition and hydration strategy to your specific needs.



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