Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Dog Running

Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Dog Running

Nov 18, 2013Cody Hanson

So you’re running pretty often these days – getting out on the roads or trails, putting in the miles. It feels good! Or, maybe you haven’t been running as much as you’d like. Either way, there’s a good chance that your training can be brightened by that furry creature that’s currently bouncing around in your backyard.

Whether you use your dog as an excuse to return to training, or as a way to improve the runs you’re already doing, there’s no doubt that a canine can make a big positive impact on your time spent running. Here are our top five reasons to bring the dog on your next run:


For the person who wants to run more often, a dog can be a great motivator. People often do a better job of taking care of their pets than they do taking care of themselves. If your pet is lacking exercise, use that as motivation to take them out, get them fit, and help them be the best dog they can be. It just so happens that the same thing will happen to you!


Running can be lonely. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that’s a good thing. For many of us peace, quiet, and personal time to reflect is a big part of why we run. Other times we like to run with friends to have someone to laugh and talk with. In the middle of this dichotomy lies the dog. A dog is perfect for when you want a friend to run along with you, someone to share the experience with, but don’t want the obligation of holding a conversation or the hassle of coordinating schedules. A dog can be the perfect silent companion.


It may sound cliché, but dogs can do a lot to protect runners in the event of an attack, whether it be from animals such as bears, or human attackers. A recent article in Competitor Magazine even reports how a black lab saved its owner from an attempted robbery by a transient man on a popular route in Washington State. We all try to be careful while running, but a dog of any breed can provide that extra bit of protection that could make all the difference.


It can be difficult to find other people who run at the same pace as you. Often times a person must wait for someone else, or someone has to adjust their pace (and compromise their training) to match the pace of a running partner or group. A well-trained dog, however, will happily stay right by your side no matter what your speed is.


As mentioned earlier, your dog needs exercise too! So for the benefit of both of you, don’t skip any more runs, and be sure to bring your furry friend along as often as possible.

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