Fluid Tactical Zero Sugar Electrolyte Drink Mix

$ 21.95
$ 21.95
  • PREVENT DEHYDRATION - Zero Sugar Tactical contains no sugar while providing the same proven benefits and electrolyte replenishment of our original Fluid Tactical Electrolyte Drink Mix formula.
  • HEALTHY HYDRATION - Enjoy anytime to avoid muscle cramps and fatigue caused by dehydration. Tasty treat for those health conscious too - gluten, dairy & soy free, and vegan, paleo & keto friendly.
  • EASY ELECTROLYTES - Zero Sugar Tactical is conveniently packaged for hydrating on-the-go. Simply add 1 packet to any 16oz water bottle, and shake or stir until dissolved.
  • 5 FLAVORS - Available in: fruit punch, peach mango, lemon lime, wild berry, grape or a variety pack. Choose the one that is best for you.
  • MADE IN USA - Our ingredients are all US sourced and inspected for purity. Packaged in California

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cindy and Larry Goux (League City, US)
Electrolyte drink mix

My husband and I love your electrolyte drink mix. It really helped my husband during the summer when he had cardiac issues. Thank you so much!!!

Thomas Gortmaker (Yantis, US)
Best electrolyte mix around!

We choose fluid tactical and ORS at the fire academy to keep both our instructors and students hydrated during the Texas heat.

Shaun McClure (Los Angeles, US)
Truly The Best Electrolytes Available

I’ve been purchasing Tactical by Fluid electrolytes for a few years now after trying a number of other brands and being dissatisfied with the product. Fluid makes a superior electrolyte mix that dissolves quickly in water, tastes great without being artificial in flavor or too sweet, feels like you’re drinking water and not a corn syrup based product, but most of all, rehydrates your body effectively. I provide first aid and medical services to film productions in Hollywood and it’s important to ensure that I’m preventing accidents instead of treating patients for medical reasons. Fluid is one of the best tools at my disposal that restores focus, energy, and even relieves headaches on set instead of having to take pain relieving medications.

Their sugar free option is a great alternative to their already low sugar options for people with diabetes or watching their sugar intake. The use of sugar helps with the absorption of water into your system but some people need a sugar free option and there’s nothing better in my opinion than Tactical by Fluid.

Scott F. (Salt Lake City, US)
Great stuff

Have been using this stuff for about 3 weeks and am regretting not using it before. It tastes great and orks. What's better than that?

Donald Howie

Sugar free is the best for me. Love these things. Taste great