Lemon Lime / Low Sodium (Best by 08/2024)

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$ 11.00 $ 21.95you save $ 10.95

We overproduced on our last batch of Low Sodium Lemon Lime Electrolyte and need to make some space! Our loss is your gain, 1/2 price while supplies last!


Our Tactical Electrolyte Drink Mix helps you hydrate better than anything else. It replaces minerals that are lost in sweat, without excess sugar or any added junk. It is a must have for  anyone working hard under heat stress. Originally created for firefighters in the toughest conditions, it has become a staple for many athletes and workers in high heat construction, on solar farms, in oil fields, and many more brutal conditions. Designed by our team of professionals from real scientific data, Tactical is a no-nonsense way of preventing cramps and fighting dehydration during long, hot days on the job.

This formula has been shown repeatedly to reduce muscle cramping and increase liquid consumption, resulting in better work performance and fewer dehydration issues in the field.

  • Replaces vital electrolytes at the same ratios they are lost in sweat.
  • Low Sodium formula = 100mg of sodium per packet.
  • Minimal sugar in ideal ratios for easy digestion (4 grams total from both cane sugar and dextrose per 16oz).
  • Balance of minerals for maximum fluid absorption and prevention of muscle cramps.
  • Natural colors and flavors.