Fluid Athlete Sponsorship Kit

Fluid Athlete Sponsorship Kit

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Welcome to Team Fluid!

The purchase of this kit is the first requirement to become a Fluid Sponsored Athlete. Please only purchase this item if you received a sponsorship offer email from Fluid. By purchasing this kit, you are agreeing to adhere to all rules and conditions outlined in the 2023 Athlete Sponsorship Contract.

This kit contains the following:

  1. Your personalized 40% off discount code for the Fluid website.
  2. A Bag of Performance
  3. A Bag of Recovery
  4. 2 x Single serving packets of Performance
  5. 2 Single serving packets of Recovery
  6. A gear item of your choosing 
  7. A Fluid Water Bottle

Please use the options at the top of the page to choose your desired tub flavors and gear color choices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Adriana khomyakova (Port Saint Lucie, US)
Recovery with Glutamine

Great to have a product that contains Glutamine.
Every athlete knows that Glutamine plays a huge roll in muscle recovery! A good ratio of carbs and protein is easy on the stomach and very effective during the recovery phase.

Great flavors and easy on the go!

Brittany Watrous (Anaheim, US)
Excited to be an ambassador!

I love that we got to choose the flavors of products and then the “other” fluid product! I got the beanie and it fits well, wicks away sweat and is comfy!

Melissa TK (Nipomo, US)
The best tasting recovery drink

Love mixing the Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery with almond milk for a post-workout recovery drink! Tastes amazing!

Jim Feeney
Great stuff!

After a tough workout, the Citrus Recovery allows me to recharge and refuel!

Aarnav Bahl (Hayward, US)
Using fluid nutrition products so far

I personally really like these fluid nutrition products since they work really well for me. The chocolate recovery mix and the passion fruit tea performance mix are the two things that helped me get ahead in the sports nutrition game! I recently did a half Ironman in Indian wells, and fluid performance was the one thing that helped me power through it! I don’t have too much to say except the fact that it was simply great, and worked out really well for me!