Fluid Athlete Sponsorship Kit

Fluid Athlete Sponsorship Kit

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Welcome to Team Fluid!

The purchase of this kit is the first requirement to become a Fluid Sponsored Athlete. Please only purchase this item if you received a sponsorship offer email from Fluid. By purchasing this kit, you are agreeing to adhere to all rules and conditions outlined in the 2017 Athlete Sponsorship Contract.

This kit contains the following:

  1. Your personalized 40% off discount code for the Fluid website.
  2. A Tub of Performance
  3. A Tub of Recovery
  4. 2 x Double-serving packets of Performance
  5. 2 Single serving packets of Recovery
  6. A gear item of your choosing 
  7. A Fluid Water Bottle

Please use the options at the top of the page to choose your desired tub flavors and gear color choices.