Live Fluid Package

Live Fluid Package

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Our most popular online item - The Live Fluid Package is the ultimate combination for any Fluid fan! Lots of Fluid plus great free gifts!

The "Live Fluid" package contains:

  • Four tubs of Fluid, your choice of flavor in Performance or Recovery
  • Two packets of Fluid, hand selected by our staff. (Packets will either be a single serving of Recovery mix or a double serving of Performance mix)
  • One BPA-Free Fluid branded water bottle
  • One Ultra Soft Cotton T-shirt*


This product ships free using the "LOVEFLUID" code at checkout! (included as an entire package to the contiguous United States only. Free shipping is offered to Hawaii & Alaska without the Fluid bottle to meet space requirements. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, select "No" to the free Fluid bottle and checkout with shipping code.)

*Subscriptions to Live Fluid packages will only receive a free ultra soft cotton tee on the initial shipment. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Works and tastes great

Fluid Recovery helps me bounce back after any exercise or strenuous yard work. It helps to reduce leg cramps. Berry is my favorite flavor.

Very Happy

Products are great. I drink performance right before my work outs and recovery right after. I feel great and energized and feel like I am getting the most out of my workout. products taste great. T-shirt fits very comfortably and is currently my favorite shirt to work out in.

Great Product

For the price and the product and how you can personalize it. You can't beat it. Great flavors, Quick delivery

Excellent product

My wife and I use the recovery formula after long runs or bike rides. I enjoy the vegan cinnamon-vanilla since the pea-based protein seems to work with my digestion better than the whey. Bonus: Fluid is engaged in the race community and the local community - it feels good to purchase products made by "one of us".

I've tried most of them but always come back to Fluid

I have tried most of the electrolyte drinks and since the first time I tried Fluid, I always come back.

I have a "special" way to test these drinks: how do they taste when not cold? Because cold desensitizes our tongues, almost anything taste at least OK when cold. But on a long ride things do not remain cold. Drinking a bad tasting drink when warm is dreadful. But if it taste OK when warm, it'l taste fine or even great when cold.

So "Fluid: it doesn't taste horrible when it's warm!"

How's that for a slogan!!