Try Fluid Package

Try Fluid Package

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Another one of our most popular online items, the Try Fluid package is a fantastic combo for any Fluid fan! Two tubs of Fluid plus great free gifts! After you experience success with Fluid products through the Try Fluid Package, we recommend the Live Fluid package: The ultimate package for the Fluid Fan!

The "Try Fluid" Package contains:

  • Two bags of Fluid, your choice of flavor in Performance, Recovery (+$5), or Protein (+$10).
  • Two packets of Fluid, hand selected by our staff. (Packets will be a single serving of Performance or Recovery mix)
  • One BPA-Free Fluid branded water bottle

     This product ships free using the code "LOVEFLUID" at checkout! (included as an entire package to the contiguous United States only. Free shipping is offered to Hawaii & Alaska without the Fluid bottle to meet space requirements. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, select "No" to the free Fluid bottle and checkout with shipping code.)

    Customer Reviews

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    Fluid Package Review

    Love the product. Great taste and has worked well for me.

    Great taste

    I can start off by saying the taste on both are fantastic. I make a smoothie with the Performance and frozen cherries before I run my 15+. I wish I could have more on my longer runs but I don't like wearing anything on my back. Then when I am done I make another smoothie with frozen blueberries with the Recovery cinnamon vanilla and that keeps me going through the day.

    Subtle flavors with strong results

    I have never had a stomach issue taking FLUID like I have with others. Smooth flavors, low sugars and all the good stuff my body needs.

    Fluid hydration and recovery

    Really like the results I'm getting as far as hydration with the Fluid sports drink. Great refreshing taste (especially when putting the drink bottle mix in the refrigerator overnight). The recovery cinnamon vanilla drink is my favorite though. Just opening the bag and getting a whiff of the powder makes my mouth water. Can't wait for after a good hard ride to have a bottle of the drink, especially when it's chilled. Results are good as muscles are fed until I eat a solid food meal, after stretching and rolling.

    It’s a Keeper!

    I’ve been systematically trying every electrolyte replacement and recovery drink mix as I work my way through the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. For electrolyte mixes I judged ingredients, taste, did it make my mouth feel dry, how it sat in my stomach, and did I stay hydrated over time. For recovery drink mixes I judged ingredients, taste, blendability (I like to make smoothies), how it sat in my stomach, and did I feel like it helped recovery. I received the Passion Fruit Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, and Blueberry Pomegranate electrolyte mix, and the Chocolate and Cinnamon Vanilla recovery mix. Both the electrolyte mixes and the recovery mixes passed every criteria. The recovery mix especially has a great taste, and doesn’t feel heavy in my stomach, compared to other recovery mixes. I also feel my workouts after long or hard efforts are better. Definitely keeping this one in the cabinet!