Annie Weiss


Annie is an ultra endurance athlete living in Milwaukee, WI. In 2018, she completed the overall FKT, or fastest known time, on the 1200mi National Scenic Ice Age Trail breaking both the men's and women's record. In 2019, she completed Badwater 135 and CCC (part of UTMB), as well as the Berlin Marathon. In previous years, Annie has competed in the Leadville 100 twice, Black Canyon 100k, the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, and many other endurance events across the nation.  Annie loves to travel around the world to run, eat, and explore! She has traveled to Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia with upcoming trips to South America and Africa once again. In 2020, Annie plans to race the marathon distance, attempting to break 3 hours. She also plans to break the overall FKT on the Arizona Trail. Besides running and traveling, Annie works as a registered dietitian in behavioral health and specifically with athletes in her own practice.

Favorite Flavor: “Without a doubt Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery!”

A Quote that Fires You Up: "Miles Make Champions" (someone told his to me during my first 50k in 2011 and it has stuck with me ever since! I can't shake it!)