Nadia Sullivan


Nadia is an elite cyclist turned triathlete in Colorado who enjoys the spirit of endurance sport & the adventure of racing around the globe. In 2012 she had the honor of racing the short course World Championships in New Zealand and has chased the short course circuit around the U.S. When she’s not swimming, biking or running, she’s coaching other endurance athletes across the world.

2016 brings new challenges as she adapts to a permanent hand injury that has affected her swimming & biking. As she moves through this transition, races will be fun events with friends that happen to have a clock.

Nadia has been training & racing with Fluid since 2010 and has very particular preferences for what to use when:
Favorite Training Flavor: Blueberry Pomegranate
Favorite Racing Flavor: Fresh Citrus
Favorite Winter Recovery Flavor: Chocolate
Favorite Summer Recovery Flavor: Mixed Berry