Chad Bruce


Goals for 2021: My "A" race for this year the Tahoe 200 in September I've ran/completed four 100 mile races since 2018 and I've had my eye on the Tahoe 200 since I first heard about it in 2016, I had only ran a few 50k races at that time. I'm also running the PCT 50 Mile race in May, the Tushars 100k race in July and the 9 Trails 35 Mile race in November. I completed two 100 mile runs in 2020, the first was the Javelina Jundred 100 Mile race and then ran a Self-Supported 100 mile run just four weeks later on the Pacific Crest Trail from Big Bear to Wrightwood.

Favorite Flavor: 

I absolutely love the FLUID Fresh Citrus Performance and the FLUID Mint Chocolate Recovery!! I've used them daily for years and throughout all of my runs/races. These two products are absolutely amazing and I highly recommend you give them a try!

A Song for Tough Training Sessions

I love the song RATTLE! (Live) by Elevation Worship, this song totally gets me fired up for hard workouts and long runs in the mountains!!