The Boni Family

The Boni Family

Mar 27, 2019Richard Smith


Carl and Kristal Boni live in Colorado just outside of Boulder. They both have raced all disciplines of bikes over the last 15+ years with a primary focus on cyclocross and mountain biking, and have been huge Fluid fans pretty much the whole time! Their son and daughter race all disciplines and are Fluid fans as well!

Goals for 2022: To get back to racing! 2021 brought shoulder surgery and a foot injury that limited me to just one race. For 2022, I'll get getting back to the local mountain bike series in Winter Park, plus Iron Horse and hopefully MTB nationals. This is our 10th year working with Fluid and it is a huge part of our process for before, during, and after training and races.
Favorite Fluid flavor: Fresh Citrus

A song that fires you up: Pretty much anything by Rise Against

Goals for 2022: I'm shooting for a top 3 at MTB and cyclocross Nationals. Plus, I'd like to do more mountain bike and cyclocross racing in general. Above all, I want to continue to have fun on my bike!
Favorite Fluid flavor: Raspberry Lemonade Performance, Chocolate Recovery

A song that fires you up: Anything that I can sing along with to lose myself in. 80s rock, punk like Linkin Park and Rise Against

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