The Boni Family


Carl and Kristal Boni live in Colorado just outside of Boulder. They both have raced all disciplines of bikes over the last 15+ years with a primary focus on cyclocross and mountain biking, and have been huge Fluid fans pretty much the whole time! Outside of racing, they are also passionate about growing cycling through youth programs such as coaching high school MTB, junior camps, and Little Bellas. Their son, Nick, and daughter, Cate, also race all disciplines and are Fluid fans as well!

Goals for 2021: Age group top 5, Mountain Bike & Cyclocross National Championships
Favorite Flavors: Fresh Citrus & Chocolate Recovery

Goals for 2021: Rehab from rotator cuff surgery in time to get in shape for coaching this fall!
Favorite Flavors: Fresh Citrus & Cinnamon Vanilla + Chocolate Recovery made with coffee