Cory Lockwood

Road Cyclist 

2023 Goals: I'm aiming to win a US Pro National TT title and go to World Championships in 2023. In addition to this goal, I aim to successfully race many professional road events this season with the goal of achieving at least 10 wins in various high-level venues on the PRT and Professional Racing calendar.
Ultimately, I aim to be a world class racer and win various high-level events which includes an Individual Time Trial World Title. At the core of my cycling work ethic is a passion for learning, practicing, racing, teaching, and sharing my love for anything with two wheels. At the end of the day, bikes of all types- be it with motors or pedal bikes, continue to be at the forefront of my life and it is the sharing the adventure and the challenge of bettering myself with others that continues to be my passion. I look forward to sharing my love for cycling with Fluid Nutrition and anyone who wants to join in as 2023 unfolds.