Hugh Gurin


2019 Accomplishments: 
I’m most proud of my volunteer work with City Surf Project, connecting under-served high school students with the ocean—there’s no better feeling.
I wasn’t able to travel for contests, but did participate in the bigger local ones. 
Kahuna Kapuna 20 - 4th Place, Grandmasters Longboard, The Big Chill Out 29 - 9th Place, Grandmasters Longboard, 1st Annual Traveler Halloween Costume Classic  - “Most Entertaining” 
2020 Goals: 
Like all of you, my goal is to get back to something approaching normality. Right now, I’m just grinding to stay in shape (check out @chloecalmon for workout tips!) and grateful to have FLUID to keep me from breaking down. I plan to surf both the Kahuna Kapuna and Big Chill Out again (quarantine permitting,) I can’t wait to get back in the water with the @CitySurfProject kids...and I'm furiously plotting ways to up my costume game for the Halloween Costume Classic. 
Favorite Flavor: Mixed Berry Recovery. Can’t live without it.
A Quote That Fires You Up: I don’t know if this “fires me up,” exactly, but it does crack me up, which is more beneficial to performance than you might think:  
TOM SEAVER: “Hey, Yogi, what time is it?” 
YOGI BERRA: “What, you mean now?”
/Seaver falls off pitcher’s mound, laughing.