Joel Davis

Joel Davis

Apr 27, 2020Richard Smith


Accomplishments from 2021: 29th place in age group (96th overall) BWR Cedar City Gravel, 18th place in age group Park City point to point MTB race, 1st place in age group (6th overall) Cedar City Fire Road 100K Gravel, 11th place Wasatch 50 MTB, 2nd place 3 Peaks MTB Intermountain cup, 5th place Cactus Hugger MTB Intermountain cup, 10th place 6 hours of Frog Hollow MTB.
Goals for 2022: To continue to be active in racing local events, and give back to my community. Additionally, I'm going to up my game with a new coach and achieve some more great results. But most of all, to enjoy the journey and process of achieving better fitness at my older age.
Favorite Fluid flavor: Fresh Citrus for on the bike. Chocolate for recovery. Sometimes I'll mix it with Vanilla Oat milk and water!
A song that fires you up: Leave Home by Chemical Brothers

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