Joel Davis


2020 Accomplishments: Finished Rock cobbler. Finished 58th in the BWR Cedar city. Finished 3rd at the 24 hours of frog hollow. 

My goals for the 2021 season are to continue to be active in racing any local races
and to continue to be a good role model and spokesperson for all my sponsors.
This next season I will not be affiliated with a local team and will be venturing out on my own as a privateer. I hope to be successful in the racing, and plan on focusing on longer endurance MTB events as well as a few longer gravel races. If Cross is available this upcoming season, I will be attending as many as those as I can fit in as well.

Favorite flavor: I love the citrus flavor performance mix. It is just he right amount of carbs and electrolytes per serving to
keep me going strong all day.

Ultimate training song: While training I think anything from chemical brothers gets me fired up.