Larz Robison

Larz Robison

May 02, 2020Richard Smith


Accomplishments from 2021: Last year was an adventure into the ultra running world, running my first 50 mile ultra and trail race in one!
Goals for 2022: I'm a multisport athlete with 2022 goals of a marathon PR, and coming in hot in any and all events: running, cycling, or any combination that might also include swimming!! If you see the mane of flame toe up at the line you better believe it's time burn em if you got em and GET AFTER IT!!
Favorite Fluid flavor: Fresh Citrus Performance is my go to for all activities. I like to make my protein recovery concoctions with Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery AND the Spiced Vanilla Protein powders!!! SWOLL IS THE GOAL.

A song that fires you up: My current favorite track to get hype is "Party Frog" by Unicron!!!

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