Joanie Andersen


My goals for 2021 are a backyard 100 miler in October as well as a number of 14er summits in Colorado.

I began running 9 years ago by listening to a “Couch to 5k” podcast. In 2015 I ran my first 50k and was introduced to the community of ultrarunning. I found Fluid Performance to be the only hydration drink I liked that didn’t bother my stomach. The following year I finished my first 100k. In 2017 I earned a DNF (did not finish) at my first 100 mile attempt. I completed a solo summit of Mount Whitney and ran a half marathon just 36 hours later to prove I was capable of hard things. I completed my first goal of 2018 to solo summit Haleakala from bottom to top 12 miles total with 3500′ elevation gain. My upcoming goals for 2018 are to attempt a 50k PR at a local trail run and to attempt a 100 mile course again and finish. To end the year I am going back to a 24 hour adventure run I tied for 4th place in 2017 and aim for that podium.

Favorite Flavor: I enjoy Citrus Fluid Performance and I enjoy it frozen like a slushy during heat training runs.

A Song For Hard Training Sessions: Far Behind by Candlebox