Joanie Andersen

Joanie Andersen

Mar 31, 2021Richard Smith



2023 Goals: I wanted to complete Hurt100 last weekend but shortly after my 32 mile I experienced a minor leg injury that I did my best to get through until mile 40. My new goal is to complete a 50 mile qualifying race so I can enter the lottery to see if I get an opportunity to try again in 2024. Outside of racing, I will be coordinating trail work days from a distance for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo trails affected by recent rainstorms. I will also continue to volunteer at events both cycling and running.

Favorite Part about Being a Fluid Athlete: The vegan protein and recovery line that caters to my desire to not use whey or soy. I also love the Citrus Punch Tactical ORS that I got to try for the first time last weekend, it was great in the heat. I also love the all around support that Fluid has also given me!

Favorite Quote: "Miles spent on a trail builds resilience"

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