John Hector Pena

John Hector Pena

Jan 27, 2023Customer Service

Ultra/Trail & Road Runner 

2023 Goals: My Race Plans for this year are to run the Avalon 50 Miler, Calico 50k, Surfcity Marathon, and LA Marathon and Born to Run 4 Day. I have not decided what I was to complete for the rest of the year but my journey doesn't end here. I will continue to run and push my limits both physically and mentally. 

Favorite Fluid Product: Fluid Performance is my go to product. This has helped me in many of my races to keep pushing especially when it is hard to consume solid foods. Gives me the calories and carbs to keep pushing plus the electrolytes to stay hydrated. I like all the flavors but currently Fresh Citrus is my go to. 

Pump-Up Song: Twitter - Yellow Claw(LNY TNZ Remix)


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