Tyler Pierce, also known as "The Vegan Cyclist," rides his bicycle down a country road in an ultra endurance bike race.

Tyler Pearce

Jun 27, 2024Fluid Sports Nutrition

Tyler Pearce

Tyler Pearce is a family man first, adventure seeker second. Fueling right for insane running and cycling adventures is important, but having energy to be a father and husband is what matters the most.

Pearce is a two-time ultra distance national champion. Racing 500+ miles in one ride requires a lot of energy. He gets 90-percent of his calories from Fluid. "Having a hydration mix that doesn't wreck my stomach is the difference between winning and a DNF (Did Not Finish)," Pearce expressed.

Pearce once road the indoor trainer for 14 hours consuming nothing but liquid calories to train his gut on processing carbs.

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