Professional downhill mountain bike racer and pump track world record holder Jason Connor rides his bike at a paved pump track.

Jason Connor

Jun 27, 2024Fluid Sports Nutrition

Name: Jason Connor
Age: 36

From: New Zealand 
Living in: Canada
Competing in: iXS European Downhill Cup series

Achievements: New Zealand National Series Champion, World First & Official World Record Holder

Community Focus: Started a youth focused team to help the future generations of our sport go further. Advocate for mental health awareness

Goals: Overall iXS European Cup Champion in 2025, Break the pump track world record in 2024 & 2025

About Me: I have been obsessed with racing since I was a kid, and I'm always focused on doing something that seems impossible.

Favorite Product:
If I had to recommend just one of their products, I’d have to go with the creatine due to the benefits it has for concussion recovery. I’ve had two years off due to a major concussion and brain aneurysm, so this is something that I really find invaluable.

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