4 Experiential Gift Ideas

4 Experiential Gift Ideas

Dec 12, 2017Cody Hanson

The holidays are here! Time to buy stuff, give stuff, purchase, and consume.

But with all the holiday spending going on, you’ve probably noticed a growing countermovement over the past few years. Spearheaded by brands like Patagonia and REI, certain companies and individuals are eschewing tangible gifts for outdoor experiences and volunteerism. It’s a hopeful return to the true spirit of the holidays, and we’re 100% on board. So here are four quick ideas that give, without the waste:

Sign up for a race

This is a particularly useful gift for the FLUID crowd. A gifted race entry is often the final kick needed for the person who’s been eyeing their jump to half marathon for months. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, because no one wants to run a marathon when they’ve been training for a 5K.

Donate to, or volunteer at, a local animal shelter

For the animal lover, there is no better gift than knowing that animals in need will be better cared for over the holidays, thanks to a donation on their behalf. Or, better yet, take a day together to volunteer walking, washing, and caring for animals at your local shelter. Everyone involved will get the warm fuzzies, and the animals will be more than thankful.

Take a spa day

Sometimes a little relaxation is all you need. Give the gift of chill with a gift certificate or a promise to accompany your favorite person on a spa day. Massages, mud baths…other things people do at spas…not really sure, but it’s sure to be relaxing and rejuvenating for everyone.

Go tandem skydiving

Going in the opposite gift direction, a tandem skydive can be the thrill of a lifetime. The experience can also foster some serious bonding between you and your loved ones/friends. It’s a tough sell for some, but for those who are into it, this is a gift they’ll never forget.

Of course, there are plenty of other experiential gift ideas. The options are endless. It all depends on the person you’re giving to, so let your imagination guide you! Find out what the person loves to do, and make it happen. No matter what you do, have a happy holiday season from all of us at FLUID!

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