New Year, New Packaging, New Formulas!

New Year, New Packaging, New Formulas!

Mar 04, 2019Richard Smith

Our little “fluid project” got it’s name from 2 things – 1) our desire to help athletes move better, and 2) our desire to continuously improve with the latest sport science. That’s why we are so excited to share with you our improved formulas & brand new packaging for 2019!

Fluid PERFORMANCE (original & new):

Fluid Performance, Blueberry Pomegranate, Original packaging  Fluid Performance, Blueberry Pomegranate, New Packaging


So, what’s new?

  • We’ve gone away from the plastic containers, and moved to more eco-friendly flexible packaging. This significantly reduces the amount of energy required to product each unit, plus the flat style of bags makes travel easier than a bulky tub. (So get ready to pack your bags! Get it? Hehe…)

  • We increased sodium content 20% to better match the scientific data of how much sodium is lost in sweat. This increases sodium from 200mg per 100cal scoop to 240mg of sodium per 100cal scoop. Side note – Fluid only uses sodium citrate as our source of this precious mineral. Other brands often use cheaper alternatives like sodium chloride instead of sodium citrate to save money as citrate is 7.4x the price! Sodium chloride is also more likely to upset the mucosa of the stomach.

  • We’ve adjusted our internal processes to make the finished product even more soluble than before. Crazy, we know! Keep in mind, throwing a scoop straight into ice water won’t work so well (what does?), so we recommend room temp water if you need it mixed instantly then add ice after its mixed up. But Rich, why can’t I just use ice water? Because temperature and solubility are directly related (for the vast majority of salts).

Fluid RECOVERY (original & new):

Fluid Recovery, Cinnamon Vanilla (Vegan), Original Packaging  Fluid Recovery, Cinnamon Vanilla (Vegan), New Packaging


What’s new? A LOT!

  • As mentioned above, we’ve gone away from the plastic containers, and moved to more eco-friendly flexible packaging.

  • We increased protein content from 7 to 10 grams of protein in the Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Berry & Tropical formulas. These formulas have historically contained whey protein exclusively as whey isolate, which is dairy derived, yet lactose free. 

  • We increased carb content from 27 grams to 30 grams, which adjusted our net carb to protein ratio from 4:1 to a very solid 3:1. We also modified our ratio of simple and complex cars to include glucose from complex carbohydrates, cane sugar, and dextrose. Research shows a blend of multiple carbohydrate sources will expedite absorption and glycogen replenishment. 
  • We increased L-glutamine content from 2500mg to over 3000mg, and including the glutamine within the protein, the new formula now contains 5000mg of total glutamine! Not only is this amino acid absolutely critical for muscle recovery, gut health, feeding the immune system, and brain function, many other “recovery” products don’t include it or even talk about it. Crazy!
  • We removed ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from the formula. Why? Several reasons: 1) It’s a potent anti-oxidant, which means it scavenges free radicals (the “exhaust” molecules of metabolism), but it turns out these free radicals are a significant stimulant that prompts and promotes adaptions to training. Crazy right?! Thus, consuming vitamin c during and after training could remove a potent stimulus for adaptation - exactly the opposite of what we're attempting to do. So, while we should keep taking our vitamin C & eating our blueberries for those precious antioxidants, we don’t want them immediately before, during, or after exercise, if we are trying to maximize training adaptions.  

Fluid Restorative Protein, (vegan)

Fluid PROTEIN (brand new)

  • This is NOT another recovery formula. This is our first protein focused on restoration and designed for use at non-specific times. Try it as part of your breakfast, in place of a sugary dessert, in between meals, etc.
  • The macros are 22 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of fat, all naturally occurring from the non-gmo pea protein.
  • It’s more than just the protein – get a solid dose of turmeric extract, ginger root, and ground cinnamon, all fantastic for reducing inflammation in achy athletes. You can read more here:

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