Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla Q&A

Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla Q&A

Apr 12, 2016Brett Murphy

After releasing the new Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla product to the world last month, a long time Fluid fan and customer reached out to us with some questions about our new product.

Jean asked some excellent questions that we thought everyone would like to know the answers to. Remember, you don’t have to be a vegan to take advantage of plant based protein! Give this Q&A a read and feel free to reach out to us if it raises any more questions in your mind!


Jean: Is it true that some well-known athletes follow a plant-based (vegan) diet?

Rich:  Yes!  It’s an impressive list.  For example Carl Lewis (Olympic-medal track star) says his best year of competition was the first year he ate a vegan diet.  Other male vegan athletes include Scott Jurek (Ultramarathoner), Murray Rose (Australian swimmer), Mac Danzig (MMA and UFC fighter), Rich Roll (Ultraman World Championship competitor who also completed the EPIC 5 Challenge), Brendan Brazier (Canadian Ironman triathlete), and Patrick Neshek (MLB pitcher).  Well-known female athletes include Ruth Heidrich (one of the most successful runners in the US and also an Ironman triathlete), Fiona Oakes (British marathoner), Catherine Johnson (well-known cycling champion), Catra Corbett (Ultramarathoner who has completed over 250 ultra marathons and 80 100-mile races), Amanda Riester (bodybuilder and boxer), and Steph Davis (well-known rock climber.) 

Jean: So why have these athletes adopted a vegan diet?

Rich: The reason most athletes adopt a specific nutrition plan is for the performance benefits they get.  Many athletes are discovering that a whole food plant-based diet results in faster recovery times and increased energy.  It is no secret that nutrition has a powerful effect on recovery.  Also, athletes limit or eliminate animal protein for health reasons, environmental reasons, as well as for their interest in animal abuse and awareness. Consuming more plants lowers cholesterol, protects against cancer and promotes bone strength.

Jean: What specifically makes this product vegan compared to other Fluid Recovery flavors?

Rich: We selected whey protein isolate for our original flavors because of its un-paralleled absorbency and superior amino acid profile. However, those individuals with a dairy intolerance or who elect to avoid dairy protein by choice were left out. We selected a vegetable protein in place of whey, specifically, a non-GMO yellow pea protein.

Jean: Why pea protein and not another plant-based protein?

Rich: We did lots of research on this. Pea protein has a similar amino acid profile to whey protein. In addition, pea protein is highly soluble, easy to digest and not a major allergen unlike soy.  It is a great alternative for those who are allergic or sensitive to milk products.  There are other great alternatives such as hemp and rice, but taste is so important in our products. Of all the combinations that we tried, the unique pea protein we found complemented the real cinnamon and natural vanilla perfectly. And of course, pea protein is free of animal products (including lactose and casein), free of soy and gluten, and is cholesterol free. Even if you like whey, you might want to give pea protein a try, especially since Vegan Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery tastes so great.

Jean: Don’t I need animal protein to get stronger and isn’t whey the best form of protein for athletes?

Rich: Short Answer: No, and it depends… First of all, if you don’t think you can get strong from plants, think about what gorillas and elephants eat —only plants! Both whey protein and pea protein have a complete array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), perfect to support muscle growth and repair after training. Initial studies show that pea protein has a similarly fast digestion curve to that of whey protein, making it ideal for post workout recovery.

Jean: What can you tell me about the Cinnamon Vanilla Recovery’s other ingredients?

Rich: We use a base of three different carbohydrates to help replenish muscle glycogen. We add three grams of the amino acid L-glutamine to help support our immune system and aid muscle repair. We add sodium and potassium to expedite absorption of fluids post-workout and replenish electrolyte stores. We add a pinch of Stevia (a natural plant derived sweetener) and lots of real cinnamon to complement the natural vanilla flavor. That’s it!



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