Let’s cut the fluff. Sometimes you need to replenish what you lose in sweat, actually enjoy it, and not break the bank to make it happen. Enter Fluid Tactical™, a line of hydration tools that taste amazing, and are specifically formulated to replace what we lose in sweat. These help to prevent dehydration and support rehydration from extreme conditions. Enjoy!

    • Choose the right level of sodium & electrolyte replenishment for you: 100mg | 300mg | 320mg (tablets) | 816mg (ORS). 
      • The original Electrolyte Drink Mix with 300mg* sodium, plus 100mg potassium, 32mg calcium, 16mg magnesium, and only 20 calories. (*Lemon Lime & Grape offer 100mg sodium).
      • New Zero Sugar Electrolyte Drink Mix offers the same 300mg sodium, 100mg potassium, 32mg calcium, 16mg magnesium, but with only 10 calories and 0g added sugar.
      • New Electrolyte Tablets offer 320mg sodium, 160mg potassium, 30mg magnesium, 15mg calcium, and only 10 calories.
      • New ORS powder offer 816mg sodium, 370mg potassium, 3mg zinc, 25% DV of Vitamin C, and 60 calories. Our ORS is also 3rd party tested for banned substances by Informed Sport and suitable for athletes at the highest level of competition & scrutiny.
    • No stevia, no caffeine, no unnecessary vitamins.

    • 99.9% natural ingredients (sweetened with cane sugar & sucralose.)

    • Guaranteed to be the best tasting, most effective electrolyte replacement available. 

    • Backed by Fluid's customer satisfaction guarantee. Try it, and if you don't love it, we will 100% help you find something else or refund your purchase completely.